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    The above advertisement (shown in popular sporting magazines) illustrates our relentless pursuit for excellence and the parallel path with endurance sports. Our company started with an idea and is driven with unexplainable passion and discipline. We believe success is the journey and are reaching out to people with similar interests to be part of it.


    AeroCat is a company created for athletes by athletes. The owners and employees are" age-groupers" participating regularly in weekend events. We have family obligations, children in school/college, financial responsibilities, and time constraints just like many other participants. Part of our journey is to facilitate similar athletes by providing high performance equipment at an affordable level. We assist people at all experience levels with equipment decisions, bike fitting, and training tips. Sometimes we aid in the justification effort to spouses, parents, and significant others. The supporting evidence to a healthier- happier life is solid and we enjoy sharing our personal stories and experiences. This is why "connecting" is listed as the bottom line of our AD.


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Lindsey Wilson College




Fiets Met Slagroom


Ohio Valley Velo




Ball State Triathlon Club