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Highlighting the BB30, the R525 is designed for maximum stiffness. The BB30 eliminates the need for cups that normally hold bearings to capitalize on weight reduction. Adopting the technology of internal cabling from the AeroCat T605, the R525 is aerodynamic and asthetically pleasing. The R525 also features an oversized headtube for improved handling and stiffness, as well as a custom fork and tapered steer tube to match. Improved handling from the cockpit area creates a notable difference in ride performance and allows this bike to corner like it's on rails.


As the newest member of the AeroCat family, the R525 exemplifies a perfect blend of previously exhaulted AeroCat features with the newest technologies on the market. To top it off, the black and white graphics of the R525 provide it with a classy and sleek look that is sure to make a statement!